Bill Griffin, Bright Machines, Announced as Synergis University 2020 Keynote Speaker

The theme of Synergis University 2020 is Transformation; transformation is happening continuously, especially when it comes to technology and cutting-edge design software.  This year’s keynote presentation, “Transformation in Technology,” features Bill Griffin, Chief Revenue Officer of Bright Machines, an organization dedicated to changing the economics, speed, and flexibility of manufacturing – so he knows a thing or two about transformation in this industry, and how to keep up with the changes.

Bill is an enterprise technology veteran who is thrives on working with customers to solve modern manufacturing challenges. He’s worked worldwide in technology sales for manufacturers for over 20 years, having led global sales organizations at Aspen Technology, Autodesk and Xerox. Recently, Bill was a partner in Tech CXO LLC, a management consulting firm that helps technology start-ups and high-growth companies achieve their goals in an industry of continuous change. Bill holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a BS in Marketing from Wilkes University.

From the drafting board to AutoCAD, to 3-D parametric modeling and generative design, the transformation happening in the design industry is truly exciting – so join Bill Griffin at Synergis University 2020 for his interactive and engaging presentation discussing “transformation in technology.”

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