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2019 Session Descriptions


Think Bold & Break Down Silos
Featuring: Brian Cristiano, CEO of Bold Worldwide
In this session, you will learn:

  • Why you must step outside your comfort zone & how to do it
  • Why silos are holding your company back & how to break them down
  • Why you must use technology to differentiate and grow
  • Why you must shift your perspective and start thinking bold

Brian will be available after the keynote for a Q&A Session, so you can ask questions and take advantage of Brian’s personal experience and expertise.

AutoCAD & AutoCAD Electrical

Getting the most out of AutoCAD
Featuring: Lynn Allen
You continue to upgrade your AutoCAD to the current release – but are you really taking advantage of all the newest features? Join Global Technology Evangelist and Cadalyst video tip master, Lynn Allen, as she takes you on a tour of the top AutoCAD productivity tools including Drawing Compare, Named Views and some powerful XREF features. She’ll also expose you to new specialized industry toolsets that take you one step closer to BIM and Digital Prototyping with thousands of objects built right into the product. Knowing Lynn – she’s sure to throw in some tips and tricks you can use regardless of the AutoCAD release you are using.

Making the Move from AutoCAD to AutoCAD Electrical
Speaker: Todd Schmoock

AutoCAD Electrical has specific tools for creating electrical controls system designs. It has libraries of standard components, and creates intelligent connections between project drawings. This session demonstrates how to take AutoCAD-based control system design and add AutoCAD Electrical intelligence. Sometimes it makes sense to keep the standard AutoCAD design in the project, and sometimes it makes sense to make the entire circuit smart. This session will work with tools available in a typical installation of AutoCAD Electrical, and use some tools used for years in a standard AutoCAD installation.

AutoCAD Electrical Roundtable (LUNCH)
Led by: Todd Schmoock
Are you looking at implementing AutoCAD Electrical at your company? Maybe you are in the process of implementing AutoCAD Electrical, or you tried to implememnt AutoCAD Electrical and had some issues. With all of the variables to consider such as how many employees will need access, shared content, creating content, templates, managing data, etc., it can be overwhelming. This roundtable session with Todd Schmoock will allow you to discuss the details with other companies who have implemented AutoCAD Electrical, or are in the process like you. Additionally, you will learn best practices for implementing AutoCAD Electrical successfully. NOTE: This session will be held over the lunch hour and we promise that you will have the opportunity to enjoy the same delicious buffet offered at the general session lunch.

Architecture and BIM

Making the Move from AutoCAD to Autodesk Revit
Featuring: Lynn Allen
You’re an AutoCAD pro who can churn out construction drawings quickly and easily! Or perhaps your firm is still solely entrenched (and successful) in using AutoCAD for its designs. Why go to all the trouble to learn a new software program and make the move to Autodesk Revit? Join Global Technology Evangelist and Cadalyst AutoCAD video tipster as she takes you through the many reasons why making the move to Autodesk Revit is the right decision. You’ll learn the value in having a robust 3D intelligent model that paves the way to BIM as well as all the doors that will open for you and your firm as a result. And Lynn will help put your mind at ease regarding the difficulty of moving to Autodesk Revit, and discuss recommended paths to ensure success.

Happy 20th Birthday, Revit!
Speaker: Bill Knittle

Join us as we celebrate Revit’s 20th anniversary and take you on a tour of the new features and enhancements in Revit.

What’s your Version of the Story?
Speaker: Bill Knittle
Join Bill Knittle as he demonstrates how you can leverage the advantages of true document management beyond the obvious benefits of cloud-storage sites.

The VDC Cordination Conundrum featuring Warfel Construction Company
Richard Carter, Tyler Loy and Tom Feninez
This session will touch a wide variety of topics relating to the coordination conundrum. If there ever was a confusing, difficult or challenging problem, Coordination is it! We will touch on all aspects of coordination, from design coordination through installation and facility management and everything in between. We will discuss real world applications and lessons learned.

  • How to apply coordination concepts in everyday modeling
  • Quick and easy steps to identify conflicts without clash detection
  • How Coordination and Collaboration need to function together
  • Collaboration ROI

Revit MEP 
Featuring: Ralph Schoch
Join Ralph Schoch from Victaulic as he shares the various tools inside of Revit MEP.

Are you using the three C’s of BIM?
Speaker: Bill Knittle and Brienne Alfano, LEED,GA,BIM Manager, VJ Scozzari

Join Bill Knittle as he challenges your Revit project teams to use Cloud-Worksharing workflows to Collaborate and Coordinate.

Stump the Chumps from the AEC Solutions Team
Join the Synergis AEC technical team for an interactive Q&A Session to get all your questions answered as we wrap up the day!

Civil and Reality Capture

What’s New in Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Applications?
Speaker: Kevin Spear, PE

Every year, there is a new version released addressing Civil Engineering needs. In the past, any improvements were rolled into a single application. It seems that idea has been replaced with putting the right tools in the right application. We will look at where tools have been added and why multiple applications are used to support the industry.

  • Discover new features within the AEC Collection
  • Understand how each application fits in your window
  • Learn where to find annual and intermediate improvements

Take reality capture to a whole new level with the new game-changing RTC360
Speaker: Bruce Bowditch, Leica Industrial Plant Solutions, Eastern US Manager

Join Bruce Bowditch as he shares how the new high-tech Leica RTC360 captures data in just a fraction of the time current scanners do. Plus, see why this unit is a game changer, automatically aligning your scans on the fly, and enabling you to expedite deliverables to your clients.

Integrating Civil 3D in a Transportation Firm
Speaker: Kevin Spear, PE and Joe Eberly from Transportation Resource Group

In this session, we look at what brought a local firm to implement Civil 3D. We’ll take a high-level overview of the steps taken to integrate Civil 3D into the design workflows and plan production of a transportation consulting engineering firm. It was a big step for them, but only a first step. We will also discuss why they started this process now and where its use could gain them additional opportunities.

Why did we implement Civil 3D? And why now?

  • How project-based implementation helped with the learning curve
  • What styles we really needed.
  • Weighing the time to develop a model versus “doing it the old way.”

Drones, Drones, everywhere Drones
Speaker: Kevin Spear, PE
You’ve seen them on the news. You may have even seen a neighbor crashing one into his house. Come see how you can use Drones for your business. The good news is that drones are safe and can be utilized for many business cases. In this session, we will be going outside (literally!) to understand the various methods of capturing engineering conditions. We will also highlight FAA requirements for commercial operation.

You can do THAT with data from a Drone?
Speaker: Kevin Spear, PE
Now that you have seen drones up close. Let’s look at what we can do with the data from the drone flights. With various applications, we will be able to process the data, geo-rectify the output and then consume with our standard design applications. Once we have the data in our native habitats, we can further analyze for needed clearances or understand volumes as well as modeling the existing conditions.

  • Discover the SiteScan platform
  • Learn about Recap Pro and Pix4D
  • Understand how to consume drone data in Civil 3D, Revit and Infraworks

CAD Management

CAD Manager’s Handbook 2019
Featuring: Robert Green

Whether you are the CAD Manager, act as one, or aspire to be one, it always pays to have a firm grasp on all the tasks, skills, and expectations that comprise the job. After all, how can you do the job if you don’t know what it is? And wouldn’t it be nice to have some practical guidance on how to proceed?

In this class, we cover all the things a working CAD manager must deal with and make recommendations on how best to do so. We’ll cover job economics, software-management best practices, use of standards, interacting with IT, budgeting, managing multiple CAD platforms, and how to explain all the above to your management so they know what you’re up to and understand your value. If you must manage multiple CAD systems, support users, manage standards and stay productive all at the same time then this session is for you.

This session is product agnostic so no matter what you manage you’ll learn new strategies you can start using the very next day.

Standards in the CAD Ecosystem
Featuring: Robert Green
Ask any CAD manager if standards are part of the job and you’re sure to get a big yes answer. But what do standards really mean? In reality, standards are much more than just CAD standards as they encompass the entire ecosystem of user, hardware, IT, configurations, best practices, training and file management.

In this class, we’ll run through the entire CAD ecosystem and give suggestions for standardizing it using the Proving Ground analogy that a wide range of manufacturing companies use. This session is about provoking thought and getting “outside the box” for a short while. So, leave your preconceived notions of CAD standards at the office, bring your notepad and be ready to jump into the conversation.

This session is deliberately product agnostic, so you’ll focus on new methodologies.

Customizing Your Environment for Productivity
Featuring: Robert Green

Are you responsible for training your CAD users but feel overwhelmed by the task? Are you stymied by enforcing CAD standards? Does your management expect you to make your users more productive? Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to do it all?

In this class, we cover some strategies for combining customization, standards automation and enforcement with an in-house productivity emphasis that allows you to solve all these problems at the same time. We’ll start with efficiency analysis, move into corrective actions, then cover methods of how to create a custom CAD environment that achieves high productivity output. Along the way we’ll cover strategies for ongoing mentoring, training and recursive analysis to keep making things better and better.

This session is product agnostic so no matter what software you use you’ll want to attend this class.

Managing your Autodesk Account
Speakers: Darin Green and Mark Lancaster

In this session, Darin & Mark (2 of the top licensing experts in the Autodesk community) will push your curiosity to the limit. We know you’re not in the Autodesk Account site much unless it’s necessary. However, there are things you should know about your Autodesk Account and how Single-User licenses work. Oh, and, how to get past “Contact your Administrator to request permission….” messages.

Managing Licenses through an Options File
Speaker: Darin Green

In this session, we will take a dive into the Autodesk Licensing structure to configure and control your license usage. Are your users pulling multiple licenses and you need a way to prevent that from happening? Are you tired of AutoCAD users using up your collection licenses? Stop by and we’ll show you how to take back control of your licenses.

Data and Process Management

What’s New in Vault?
Speakers:  John Kavusak and Joe Corson

See the new enhancements and improvements in the latest Vault release. Joe and John will walk through all the new features from the release of Vault Basic, Workgroup, and Professional.

Advanced Automation and Connectivity Solutions for Autodesk Vault
Speakers: Milt Capsimalis and Nancy Cibotti

This session will provide an introduction to the software tools provided by coolOrange to:

  • Effectively load even the most complex data into Vault
  • Enhance workflows through automation of manual tasks
  • Connect with ERP and other business systems to automate the transfer of documents and BOM data

These advanced strategies can result in reduced error rates, increased productivity for CAD users, improved visibility of engineering documentation and reduced costs.

Vault & Fusion Lifecycle (Autodesk PLM)
Speakers: John Kavusak and Scott Stortz
“Vault does everything Fusion Lifecycle does, right? Fusion Lifecycle replaces Vault, right?” Join John Kavusak and Scott Stortz as they discuss the differences between Vault and Fusion Lifecycle. Plus, learn how to improve your company’s data management strategy and business processes by using these tools. If you’re a Vault user, an engineering manager, or someone who needs access to product data in some capacity (in manufacturing, in purchasing, in accounting, QC or QA), we will discuss how the right tool at the right time, for the right use case, will make all the difference.

Vault Server Maintenance
John Kavusak and Joe Corson
If your Vault backup is taking more time than you have available, this session is for you. In this session, we will show you alternative methods of backing up your Vault to keep your data backed up without using a batch file or the ADMS backup utility. John and Joe will also share other maintenance tricks to keep your Vault server running at peak performance.


What’s New in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection – Part 1
Speakers:  Jim Swain, Dave Breiner, and Mark Lancaster

See what’s new in Inventor, AutoCAD and its verticals, Vault and more. Mark and Jim will show you many of the useful changes and additions in the new release of the Collection.

What’s New in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection – Part 2
Speaker:  Jamie Scherer

Continuing from Part 1, Autodesk’s Jamie Scherer will share what’s new in the Collection around Fusion 360 and all the new tools available to you. Learn how Fusion 360 connects CAD and CAM in a single cloud-based platform. Also, see how to “lightweight” your Inventor models through workflows in Fusion. And, finally, learn how you can leverage the Collection downstream in manufacturing.

Generative Design – Making it work for you!
Speakers:  Jamie Scherer and Matt Lemay

Generative Design mimics nature’s evolutionary approach to design. In this session, learn how 360 can explore all permutations of a solution and quickly generate design alternatives for consideration. And, see how generative design geometry integrates seamlessly with Inventor, maximizing efficiency and collaboration.

Autodesk Design and Manufacturing Roadmap and Strategy
Speaker: Jon den Hartog – Director, Product Design, Autodesk

Join John den Hartog from Autodesk to learn about the Autodesk Inventor Roadmap and product strategy. If you’re an Inventor or Product Design and Manufacturing Collection user and want to get a sneak peek into what’s coming in future releases, this session is for you. This session will be held over the lunch hour, and not only will we whet your appetite for what’s coming from Autodesk, but we will satisfy your real food cravings with the same delicious buffet offered at the general session lunch.

By attending this session, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand what’s coming in Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection
  • See the Inventor strategy and understand the long-term investments Autodesk is making in the product
  • Interact directly with Autodesk Product Management

Inventor Tips and Tricks
Speakers: Jim Swain and Mark Lancaster

There are so many tools in Inventor these days, how do you know them all? How do you know the best way to use them? During this session, Mark and Jim will show many of their favorite tips. They will include everyday use of tools as well as tips for working with large assemblies.

iLogic – Introduction to Automation
Speaker: Dave
How to start and prepare an Inventor part for iLogic configuration. Creating needed parameters and setting up the part. Writing a number of basic iLogic rules that will configure features of a part. This class is perfect for those that are looking at iLogic as a possible time saving and design solution.

Stump the Chumps from the Manufacturing Solutions Team
Join the Synergis Manufacturing Technical team for an interactive Q&A Session to get all your questions answered as we wrap up the day!

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